DRAFT: A Global Consensus Project


In 2005 I began developing a prototype of a website concept: an alternative way to manage global problems, the management of a country (an alternative to parliament) and general border conflicts. It was created to pose a serious question: if 51% of the country were to use this website and vote in a consensus agreement – would this not by-pass government and have to be law?

Project Overview

  1. A platform that helps to remove the communication barriers seen in socially collaborated decisions when a high volume of participants are involved.
  2. A tool to manage the discussion of problems between international audiences
  3. A communications platform that allows a single individual to share their idea with an international audience.
  4. An international networking platform that allows people to locate and form mutually beneficial relationships essential in the solving of difficult problems.
  5. A free platform giving the power of effective social knowledge-sharing to everyone
  6. A tool that can help groups or individuals to quickly request data from an audience spanning across as many cultures, religions, ages etc –  to aid the study and assistance of social issues.

A project that mediates the challenges of social discussion and offers a new alternative to social networking.

An alternative to parliament

I’m not anti-parliament or anti-government, I just believe that modern technology means there are ways to improve how things are done. In the past, the technology did not exist to count votes quickly or to engage everyone in regular decisions and discussions. The best we’ve had is electing representatives from various parts of England and having the voice of these people represent the citizens of the various UK areas.

Now we are in the age of information with our networked and heavily social websites being displayed on all sorts of devices – votes and ideas and opinions and engagement can be put into everyone’s office, house, pocket and dinner table. This project sought to build a system that might offer a mass public opinion system to ‘run’ the government for ourselves. It’s a social-powered tool that aims to realise a consensus for dealing with issues.

Case Studies

I recently joined the mobile phone network operator ‘giff gaff’, and their company tag line is “the network ran by you”. On my first day I encountered a problem with the way billing works. The company is based 100% online and operates through a website with a community forum. Sure enough, within a few days – the suggests I had were being put to vote in a system the company has setup to encourage ideas to pop up around it’s engaged user-bas

A global consensus

Problems around the world are not small, the answers to these problems are not necessarily in the minds of the people living physically closest to where the problem has the most negative impact. Those that live with a problem could use modern technology to seek help from any mind on the planet.

Problem/answer communities within the system:

Trade & Economic Issues – Causes of Poverty – Third World Debt – Free Tree and Globalisation – Corporations – Consumption and Consumerism – Sustainable Development – Fair Trade Geopolitics – Arms Control – Arms Trade – Conflics in Africa – Energy Security – International Criminal Court – Middle East – War on Terror – Foreign Policy – Military Expansion – Children and Conflicts – Crisis in Chechnya – NATO and Kosovo – Crisis in East Timor – Agressive and Violent Demonstration Environmental Issues – Biodeiversity – Climante Change and Global Warming – Genetic Engineering of Food – Human Population – Natural Disasters – Nature and Animal Conservation Human Rights – Human Rights and Justice Issues – Mainstream Media – Womens Rights – Racism – Rights of Indigenous People Health Issues – Global Health – Disease and Global killers – Aids Around the World.

Other large-scale consensus researchers:

Jaques Fresco of the Venus Project has dedicated most of his life to understanding the basic psychology and natural reactions of the human mind. He is the man that single  handedly dissolved an American KKK (Ku Klux Klan) group in six weeks by knowing how to install new ways of thinking to drastically change perspectives for positive change in the average human mind. He has come up with a whole design for a new way to govern the planet as a whole, to by-pass the catalysts for many of the world problems with something he calls the ‘resource-based economy’. You may like to follow up on this.


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