Solving world problems with the hive mind

Use your minds eye to picture a hypothetical scenario: we are ants with broken antennae. Picture this antennae serving as a walkie-talkie (communication) between each of us. Would we not be operating as a hive mind? Humans may or may not have this ability naturally (or consciously) to operate clear communication like a hive mind – but modern technology like  internet and social tools and other facespaces ARE a good substitute 😉


Imagine being able to pose every world problem in any region to the humans occupying that region, outside it or beyond. This would be in real-time as a crowd-question for crowd answers. Consensus is natural because on a base level – it’s about survival. The movie ‘a beautiful mind’ focuses on a time in America where this principle was given the name ‘game theory’ and applied to economic/business ideas – which changed many industries overnight.

We have only just gained the technology to allow every idea and voice to enter into public record, instantly. You could say we have the ability for ideas produced by every ant to enter the stream of conciousness of the entire human tribe.

The most powerful computers in the world work on the basic principles of cheap computers working together in the form of a grid (or cloud). Imagine what answers we could find if we have the power of each human processing thoughts on the challenges the global tribe faces..then they are all put together and the new information is put back into the global tribe for further cultivation.

We really do have everything we need now.

Where do we go from here?
What we need now is for someone with funding to approach me (because I am a programmer/builder) to say – get this consensus hive built. Or we need someone with the funding and a team ready to build it to say – hey monkey with lego – share your prototype so we can build it on a larger scale. And I’d happily do that if they can pull it off. Here’s to hoping the human tribe is ready.

Why am I writing this article?
Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island has recently concluded his meeting of world ‘thought leaders’. He hosted a think tank to discuss modern challenges with ‘thought leaders’. He posted on twitter a couple of hours ago asking for ideas for global solutions to come forward. So I wrote this, bought (hopefully) to his attention and we’ll see what happens next. Usually when I tell someone an idea, I hear about someone doing it sometimes within a few days, sometimes a couple of years. I don’t know if there is such thing as a unique idea, but with the hundredth monkey rule – I hope it’s mentioned enough that it seeds the idea to materialise in the real world.

A visual to illustrate point:


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